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Bayer AG Thesis Prize 2020

As in previous years, Bayer AG, in cooperation with the Pharma Centre Bonn and the Limes Institute, again awarded three prizes  for outstanding doctorates in the field of pharmaceutical research. The arwardees are the former BIGS DrugS PhD students:

  • Dr. Xia Lia - Application of population, physiolgically based, and semi-physiolgical pharmacokinetic modeling to assess sources of pharmacokinetic variability in individual drugs (workung group Prof. Fuhr)
  • Dr. Christian Steinebach - Design and Synthesis of Molecular Chimeras for Induced degradation of Tumor-associated Proteins (working group Prof. Gütschow )
  • Dr. Sneha Singh - Structural and Functional characterization of Human coagulation Factor XII (working group Prof. Oldenburg)


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