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Bayer Thesis Prize 2021

As in previous years, Bayer AG, in cooperation with the Pharma Centre Bonn and the Limes Institute, again awarded three prizes  for outstanding doctorates in the field of pharmaceutical research. The arwardees are the former BIGS DrugS PhD students:

  • Dr. (PhD) Marie-Thérèse Hopp - Investigation of the procoagulant role of labile heme under hemolytic condittions (AK Prof. Diana Imhof)
  • Dr. (PhD) Tim Klapschinki - Rationales Design und Aufbau DNA- und Fluorophor-markierter chemischer Sonden für G-Protein-gekoppelte Sonden (AK Prof. Christa E. Müller)
  • Dr. (PhD) Eva Marie Pfeil - G protein coupled receptors require active Gαq to mobilize Gi-Gßy-dependent calcium (AK Prof. Evi Kostenis)


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