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BIGS DrugS was founded in the year 2010. It is part of the BIGS (Bonn International Graduate Schools) umbrella program for structured doctoral programs at the University of Bonn. BIGS DrugS offers talented young scientists a three-year structured PhD training program in the field of drug research related to biomedical disciplines. BIGS DrugS students work on their individual PhD research projects. In parallel they participate in the comprehensive BIGS DrugS education program that includes workshops, lectures, colloquia and symposia. Mentoring is performed by two experienced scientists, the direct PhD supervisor and a co-supervisor. BIGS DrugS aims at creating an optimal research and education environment for PhD students and provides support for a successful scientific career development. 

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BIGS DrugS principal investigators are interested  in basic as  well  as applied   research related  to  the  invention of innovative drugs  and therapeutic  approaches.  BIGS  DrugS  scientists investigate  novel  pharmacological  drug  targets, new chemical and biological lead compounds as potential drug candidates and develop innovative therapeutic  concepts based on stem cells, RNA- or  nanotechnology.  The  therapy  of  common  diseases  relating  to  the  nervous  and cardiovascular system as well as oncological and metabolic/gastrointestinal disorders are in the medical focus of BIGS DrugS research studies.

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Significant characteristics of BIGS DrugS are its strong interdisciplinary approach and cooperation across the two large faculties, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Bonn. Experts in drug research, drug development and pharmacology from both faculties create an outstanding research environment and provide excellent education and training for PhD students. Collaboration partners from extramural institutions including relevant authorities as well as pharma and biotech industries contribute actively to the BIGS DrugS graduation program.

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