25. October 2021

Bayer AG Thesis Price 2020 Bayer AG Thesis Price 2020

As in previous years the Bayer AG, in cooperation with the Pharma Zentrum Bonn and the Limes Institute, has awarded three prizes for outstanding PhD theses in the field of pharmaceutical research to three excellent young scientists in 2020. 

Bayer AG Thesis Price 2020
Bayer AG Thesis Price 2020 © D. Müssemeier
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The awardees of the Bayer PhD thesis prize are:

  • Dr. Xia Lia: "Application of population, physiolgically based, and semi-physiolgical pharmacokinetic modeling to assess sources of pharmacokinetic variability in individual drugs" (working group Prof. Fuhr).
  • Dr. Christian Steinebach: "Design and Synthesis of Molecular Chimeras for Induced degradation of Tumor-associated Proteins" (working group Prof. Gütschow )
  • Dr. Sneha Singh: "Structural and Functional characterization of Human coagulation Factor XII" (working group Prof. Oldenburg)


Due to the still ongoing Corona pandemic, the award ceremony could once again take a place virtually. First, the three prize winners, their supervisors (see above), Dr. Nils Burkhardt (Bayer AG), Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller (Pharma-Zentrum) and Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus (Limes Institute) met in a small group. The award winners briefly introduced themselves and their work and answered the many interesting questions about their projects. Afterwards, the award ceremony took place in front of a large virtual audience of more than 200 guests. The event was completed by the keynote speech held by Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck from Bonn: "Science in the pandemic - between public relations and research" followed by a lively discussion.

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