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Bayer AG Thesis Prize 2023

As in previous years, Bayer AG, in cooperation with the Pharma Center Bonn and the Limes Institute, awards three prizes for outstanding PhD theses in the field of pharmaceutical research in 2023.

Pharmaceutical Colloquium

Current program

For more than 30 years the Pharmaceutical Colloquium offers excellent lectures on current topics in drug discovery and related fields.

Carolin Keip received Poster Award at the Annual Meeting of the DGKPha

BIGS DrugS PhD student Carolin Keip received the Poster Award of the Dr August and Dr Anni Lesmüller Foundation for her poster with the title „Entwicklung von Instrumenten zur Qualitätssicherung von Medikationsanalysen in öffentlichen Apotheken“ at the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Clinical Pharmacy (DGKPha) on November 19th, 2023. Congratulate on this award!

Carl Wilhelm Scheele Prize for Dr. Tobias Claff

BIGS DrugS graduate Dr. Tobias Claff received one of the two Carl Wilhelm Scheele Prizes 2023. The prize is awarded annually by the "Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft" (DPhG) and  honors outstanding doctoral theses.

Anna Böhmer wins Poster Award at the DPhG Annual Meeting

BIGS DrugS PhD student Anna Böhmer won a Poster Award at the Annual Meeting of DPhG (German Pharmaceutical Society) in the section Clinical Pharmacy for her poster presentation titled "Prioritisation and Identification of Adverse Drug Reactions in routinely collected electronic data sources during hospitalisation: A RAND survey". Her award was funded by the Dr. August und Dr. Anni Lesmüller Foundation. We congratulate her on this outstanding accomplishment!

Award for Lars Wismar

BIGS DrugS PhD student Lars Wismar (working group Prof. U.Jaehde) received the ADKA training project award "Diploma". He received this award for his diploma thesis with the title "Verbesserte Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit parenteraler Arzneimittelapplikation durch den Einsatz von Smart-Infusionssystemen – Untersuchung des Status quo und Entwicklung eines Standardisierungskonzepts in Deutschland".

Poster Prize for Caroline S. Pikullik

During the ACS Publication Symposium - Biological & Medicinal Chemistry the participants presented around 90 Posters. The participants and the visitors honored Carolin Pikullik's poster with the audience award. 

Poster Prize for Ghazl Al Hamwi

During the 2nd IRN I-GPCRnet Annual Meeting the participants presented 44 posters. Ghazl's was one of the six that have been awarded.

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