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Award Bayer AG PhD Thesis Prize 2018

As in previous years, Bayer AG, in cooperation with the Pharma Centre Bonn and the Limes Institute, again awarded three prizes for 2018 for outstanding doctorates in the field of pharmaceutical research. The lucky and merited winners are Dr. Raphael Reher, PhD (Prof. Gabriele König Group), Dr. Julia Müller, PhD (Prof. Christian Steinhäuser Group) and Dr. Clara Tabea Schoeder, PhD (AK Prof. Christa E. Müller Group). On 21th of October 2019, the awardees were honored in a festive ceremony and Dr. Nils Burkhardt, PhD (Bayer AG) handed over for each of them the 1500 Euro prize.

Kleine Gruppe 1.jpg r.: Dr. Nils Burkhardt (Bayer AG), Dr. Julia Müller (Insitute of cellular Neurosciences), Dr. Raphael Reher (Pharmaceutical Biology), Dr. Clara Tabes Schoeder (Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry)
We congratulate the awardees and wish them success for their scientific future!

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Gruppenbild.jpg r.: Dr. Nils Burkhardt, Prof. Christian Steinhäuser, Dr. Julia Müller, Prof. Gabriele König, Dr. Raphael Reher, Prof. Christa E. Müller, Dr. Clara Tabea Schoeder
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