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Blood breakdown product affects important enzyme

In intensive research work, Marie Thérèse Hopp (working group of Prof. Dr. Diana Imhof) discovered an unexpected interaction between the blood break down product heme and  the anticoagulant enzym "activated proteine C" (APC). Potential heme-binding sites were identified with the help of an algorithm. Moreover, with a variety of methods, the researcher confirmed binding of heme to the enzyme and analyzed the impact of heme on functions of APC in a detailed fashion, which was performed in collaboration with researchers from the Institute of Experimental Haematology and Transfusion Medicine, University Hospital of Bonn. Based on these data, Marie-Thérèse Hopp and her collegues concluded that the impact of heme on the coagulation system is possibly greater than previously expected. Therefore, in the future, these results might serve as  the basis for better diagnostic and therapy of thromboticcomplications anccompanying hemolytic diseases.

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