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BIGS DrugS Kick-Off Meeting February 2019

A warm welcome to BIGS Drugs Class 2018

The kick-off meeting for the BIGS DrugS Class 2018 took place on February 15th 2018 in the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Bonn with great particiption. In her opening speech Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller, BIGS DrugS speaker, presented the possibilities, chances and advantages of the BIGS DrugS program. The contents of this program were described by the coordinator Dorothee Müssemeier. The class was welcomed by name by its Chairman Prof. Dr. Ulrich Jaehde. Dr. Alina Geiger from the Bonn Graduate Center (BGC) presented its program, the contact persons and its possibilities. The highlight of the event was the following lecture of the guest speaker Prof. Dr. Stefan Laufer University of Tuebingen. In his gripping and inspiring lecture Academic Drug Development - Ficts, Facts and Fantasy he informed stirring and humorously about the different aspects of medicinal chemistry and drug development. The photo of the new class was taken during the following coffee break in bright sunshine and spring-like temperatures. 

Class 2018

Furthermore, in the poster session BIGS DrugS PhD students presented  results of their scientific work to the attendees. Afterwards, three PhD students from class 2015 gave talks, presenting exciting insights into their projects. Subsequently, the poster prize was awarded by Prof. Dr. em. Jochen Lehmann. Prof. Alexander Pfeifer, BIGS DrugS speaker thanked all participants and closed the event very humorously with reference to snacks, drinks and party.

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