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Lectures and Workshops

The BIGS DrugS training program includes seminars, lectures and workshops that introduce to basic knowledge in pharmacology and drug research as well as to current research achievements in this broad scientific field.


Pharmaceutical Colloquium


The pharmaceutical colloquium is a central and regular seminar series that covers a broad spectrum of research activities in the field of pharmaceutical science. Invited national and international researchers present their current research results and invite for discussions.

BIGS DrugS students attend the pharmaceutical colloquium regularly and at least 6 seminars per semester. Alternatively, the attendance at equivalent seminars from other institutes may be accepted. Please contact the BIGS DrugS coordination office.

Pharmaceutical Colloquium Summer Term 2020 - canceled, because of Corona Pandemie

"BIGS DrugS Certificate of Attendance - Pharmaceutical Colloquium"



Scientific and soft skill workshops are offered by members of the BIGS DrugS faculty. The spectrum ranges from basic science to advanced drug research and introduces relevant scientific technologies. BIGS DrugS students participate in at least three workshops during their BIGS DrugS graduate program.

BIGS DrugS Workshops 2020


BIGS DrugS students can also participate in the Skills Training Program "Promotion plus" offered by the Bonn Graduate Center and its cooperation partners.

Doctorate plusBIGS Workshops


BIGS DrugS Lecture Series on Drug Development


The next Lecture Series on Drug Development will take place in 2020. The schedule will be similar to 2019, please have a look at last year's program, see below:


"BIGS DrugS Certificate of Attendance - Lecture Series on Drug Development"

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