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Regular exchange and networking with the scientific community is essential for the development of a scientific career. It helps to critically evaluate the own research work and to establish future collaborations.


Conference / Symposium


Each student is encouraged to attend scientific meetings to present the own research project to the scientific community. During the three-year graduate program BIGS DrugS students participate actively in at least one conference by presenting a poster or giving a talk about the own PhD research project.

"BIGS DrugS Certificate of Attendance - Conference"


BIGS DrugS Kick-Off-Meeting & Graduate Symposium


The BIGS DrugS doctoral program starts with the yearly Kick-Off-Meeting to familiarize the new members with the BIGS DrugS graduate program and to facilitate their entry into the BIGS DrugS.

Last year the Kick-Off-Meeting took place together with the first BIGS DrugS Graduate Symposium. The program of the event included a Poster Session as well as two guest lectures from distingusihed speakers,one from university and one from industry. The Graduate Symposium represents a unique opportunity to get to know other BIGS DrugS students and to make contacts with principal investigators from other departements.

For more information and pictures of the event click here.

Program - BIGS DrugS - Kick-Off-Meeting & 1st Graduate Symposium - 06.12.2017


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