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Presenting research results to the scientific community is a substantial activity of researchers. Presentations provide an overview of the own research work, ensure that students are up to date with the latest and relevant research literature and support them in further project planning.


BIGS DrugS Colloquium


BIGS DrugS Colloquia are oral annual progress reports about the students' PhD projects. The colloquia are organized in classes and promote scientific discussions and exchange between BIGS DrugS students and their supervisors. At least once a year BIGS DrugS students present the progress of their PhD project in front of their BIGS DrugS classmates and supervisors. The scientific talk should include:

  • Introduction into the PhD project and the relevant scientific background

  • Aim of the research project

  • Relevant experimental procedure

  • Results of the experimental work

  • Discussion of the experimental results

  • Future plans



BIGS DrugS Colloquium of Class of 2016

For the BIGS DrugS Class of 2017 there will be no BIGS DrugS Colloquium in 2018, instead , a PhD-meeting will take place.

"BIGS DrugS Certificate of Attendance - BIGS DrugS Colloquium"

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