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Research interests


  • Syntheses and Efficiacy of Peptides

  • Ionic Liquids as Reaction Media for Peptide Syntheses and Oxidation Reactions
  • Peptid-coated and surface-modified Nanoparticles
  • Heme-Peptide-Interactions


Technology / Resources


  • Syntheses of Peptides

  • Purification and Analytics of Peptides (HPLC, MS, Analtics of Amino Acids, Edman Degradation, CD, NMR, UV/VIS)

  • Expression and Purification of Proteins

  • Enzymatic and Biological Testing

  • Characterization of Peptid-Protein-Interactions


Joint projects


  • DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm 1191
  • DFG FOR 1738 (Häm- und Hämabbauprodukte)
  • NanoConSens
  • Bonn International Graduate Research School of Drug Sciences

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