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Research interests


  • Signaling: NO/cGMP pathway - GPCR signaling
  • Metabolism and adipogenesis
  • Drug targeting - Nanomedicine


Technology / Resources


  • Viral vector platform: Focus on lentiviral vectors, lentiviral transgenesis (production of transgenic animals using lentiviral gene transfer)
  • Animal models: Lentiviral transgenesis and knockout mice
  • RNA interference: siRNA-based therapeutic approaches


Joint projects


  • BMBF BioPharma: Neuroallianz (Initiators: C. E. Müller and A. Pfeifer)
  • DAAD „Forschungsnetzwerk Europa-Japan: Nanopartikel für die Biomedizin“ (Spokesman: A. Pfeifer) 
  • DFG Graduiertenkolleg 1873 (Spokesman: A. Pfeifer)
  • DFG Forschergruppe 2372 (One project A. Pfeifer; Spokesman: E. Kostenis)
  • Bonn International Graduate Research School of Drug Sciences
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