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Research interests


  • Analysis of neuron-glia interactions

  • Role of astrocytes in human temporal lobe epilepsy

  • Structure-function analysis of radial glial cells during postnatal neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus

  • Neurophysiology of the hippocampus and the thalamus


Technology / Resources


  • Patch clamp technique
  • Rapid drug application
  • Single cell RT-PCR (multiplex, real-time TaqMan)
  • Post-recording immunocytochemistry
  • Multi photon microscopy
  • Photolysis-based uncaging (Ca2 +, glutamate, ATP)


Joint projects


  • DFG Priority Program SPP1757 Functional specialization of neuroglia
  • EU ERANET-NEURON coordinated project BrIE
  • EU Integrated Teaching Network EU-GliaPhD 
  • Bonn International Graduate Research School of Drug Sciences
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